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Sauna Infrared Therapy


Sunlighten infrared sauna therapy has been proven to help heal the body from the inside out. When you experience a session in the Sunlighten 3-in-1 sauna, you will feel warm and cozy.  As your body absorbs the infrared energy, blood flow increases and core temperature is elevated. This is a controlled stressor that builds the body's resilience and eliminates toxins, improving your immune system and overall health. You can select programs to detoxify, relieve pain, support weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, improve skin health and support the immune system. Beware, some call it a healthy addiction!

"The Sauna leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and just all around better! It's a must to your Light Dynamics Therapy!"

Full Body Light Therapy 

Our health has always been a matter of energy--cellular energy.  There are certain essential nutrients we get from food for that energy, but red light is one of the few nutrients we can't get from food. Light Dynamics' Full Body Light Therapy provides the best wavelengths of light to supercharge the mitochondria (the power houses of the cell) to optimize cellular energy production. Many illnesses are a direct result of mitochondrial dysfunction so almost every condition can be improved with the Full Body Light Therapy. You can experience increased energy, better sleep, improved skin health, wound healing, muscle recovery, increased circulation, reduced inflammation and pain.  Many clients get great results with Full Body Light Therapy followed by a 20 minute infrared sauna. 

Relax N Restore (R ‘n R)

This service may be a stand alone therapy but is often paired with auricular therapy. It will quiet your mind and calm your body in less than 15 minutes.  Gentle acupressure is used to promote relaxation and wellness while sitting upright, fully clothed.  The results are truly rejuvenating.  Those who have experienced R ’n R have noticed they are more focused and sleep better at night. 

Ear Point Light Therapy

Did you know there are more than 200 points on the ear that correspond to different functions and parts of the body?  Stimulation of these points is called auricular therapy. There are 4 cranial nerves and two spinal nerves that innervate the ear. They have a direct connection to the brain. Light Dynamics uses light and/or acupressure on the specific ear point(s) to send a message from the ear through the nerve pathways to the area in need. The goal is to bring the body back into normal balance and function.

Acupressure Ear Seeds

Ear seeds are small beads placed on specific acupressure points.  They work naturally to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, insomnia and much more by stimulating the ear points.. The seeds are held in place with a latex-free adhesive tape and worn for 3 to 5 days. You can press the seeds to re-stimulate the points and extend the positive effects gained in your appointment.  

Smoking Cessation

The decision to stop nicotine is life changing. Why not work with the body's own systems instead of adding chemicals? At Light Dynamics we understand smoking is both an addiction and a habit.  Ear point light therapy is used to stimulate points, immediately breaking the physiological addiction to nicotine. Instead of a cigarette telling your body to release endorphins, light therapy increases the endorphin levels to help you relax and minimize or eliminate cravings.

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