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A Bit About Light Dynamics

Light Dynamics is all about supporting wellness and improving quality of life.  When we feel better we can be better, right?  It is so exciting to see the benefits of using light or ear seeds in auriculotherapy to help someone sleep so much better or have less anxiety or use less medication for pain relief.  Let me share with you how I started…


My journey began with learning about light therapy to break the addiction of nicotine.  For years I have heard people voice frustration with the options available to stop nicotine—side effects, expense, unsatisfactory results, etc.  When I learned about a successful, short, chemical-free, needle-free therapy, I wanted to know more.  Experts in Canada have been successfully providing this care for people for over 30 years.  That’s where I went for my education and certification.  From there, I branched out and began working with ear seeds, a form of acupressure.  I learned how to work with other conditions like insomnia, anxiety, pain, etc.  


Later, I added the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna and PlatinumLED Full Body Light Therapy to offer whole body health support.  I became fascinated with how much our body needs light—an essential nutrient just like Vitamin A or C.  Every single cell requires light to function.  Many illnesses are related to cellular dysfunction.  These are supportive therapies to improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain, promote weight loss, reduce inflammation, shorten muscle recovery time and improve overall sense of well being among other conditions.  There is so much science on how the right light in the right application can improve our health!  The minute I found this could be offered, I wanted to make it happen right here in McPherson, Kansas.   


People have benefitted from the services of Light Dynamics in so many ways.  I always look forward to serving others and helping them feel better for the every day!

Mary Lynn Smith

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