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What clients are saying....

"Mary Lynn's passion for helping people improve their life quality was apparent during treatment. She paid special attention to make sure I felt comfortable and that all of my questions were answered. From the treatment I noticed reduced stress and improved sleep. I would recommend the R&R package as it is impactful as it comes at a reasonable price."

- Jeff

Useful Definitions

Ear Point

These are specific points on the ear that, when stimulated, have a therapeutic affect elsewhere in the body.

Light Therapy

Light therapy uses red and near-infrared light to stimulate acupoints or to reduce pain, relax muscles and increase blood circulation. 

Ear Seeds

Small seeds or pellets used to stimulate specific points on the ear.  They can be vaccaria seeds, stainless steel or gold adhered to the ear with tape.  They are worn 3-5 days.

Helpful Resources

Looking to learn more about auricular therapy? We've compiled some great resources to help further your education!

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